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Scilla di Massa

"Siamo predestinati a trovare
quello che stiamo cercando"

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Floriterapia-riequilibrio-emozioni-Fiori-Bach-Californiani-Australiani-Indiani-Alaskani-01Scilla di Massa is a journalist, writer and practitioner in the field of flowertherapy and naturopathy.

She is the accomplished author of the first Italian book about Bach Flowers Remedies: Heal yourself with Bach Flowers Remedies is the title of the book, published in 1991. At that time, she was working as a professional journalist for a magazine, writing a very popular weekly publication about holistic medicine and psychology.


Her vocation to help people to live better and healthier dates back to 1983 when she lived for two years in China (she holds a Master’s Degree in Oriental Cultures and Languages). In Peking, she came into contact with traditional Chinese medicine, and while travelling in Tibet she encountered spirituality, which caused a major change in her way of perceiving reality. Compassion, love for every form of life, receiving in order to share, have always been the ideals that motivated her quest. From that time onward she has travelled all over the world to learn alternative medicine approaches for health and wellbeing. She has studied in California, India, Bali, France and Italy. In 1994, The Inner Garden – a synthesis of her research about the healing properties of all 450 flower essences that she uses daily as a naturopath – was published. She has also written books that aim to combine scientific enquiries with complementary medicines: Antioxidants for Health and Beauty, published in 2007, and How to Fight Osteoporosis with Yoga and Pilates and Nutrition, published in 2010.

Scilla has a diploma in Naturopathy, specializing in nutrition, herbalism, chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

For her personal quest, Scilla has studied Spiritual Healing, Shamanism and many other forms of Holistic Healing.

Green therapy is the synthesis of Scilla’s life quest, of her devotion to Nature, and her love and compassion for all Human beings.

Scilla currently lives in Milan, Italy, where she successfully practices her profession of naturopath.


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